Daniel Holmwood, Director, Writer, Actor, www.danielholmwood.com
www.danielholmwood.com, Marky's Bad Week, Here Lies Mrs. Higgins, Daniel Holmwood, Director, Writer, Actor, YDA Ireland

I'm Dan. I make funny little films, commercials, music videos and lots of other things.


I'm also a co-founder of Reprimand Productions. I'm based in Dublin, Ireland, but I'm originally from Kildare (it's only up the road). I've been making films since I was about 15, most of which I hope will never see the light of day.


In 2016 I wrote, directed & starred in my short film "Here Lies Mrs. Higgins" which was shown in a number of film festivals in Ireland & Internationally.


In 2017 I wrote & directed my latest short, "Marky's Bad Week". This landed me a nomination for a YDA (Young Directors Awards Ireland) in 2018. The film is still doing the rounds on the festival circuit.


I'm currently developing a couple of scripts that I hope to put into production soon (My Mam has read them and she thinks they're very good, so you can take her word for it).


Stay tuned,